Croatia is Europe's top destination when it comes to sailing and yacht lifestyle during the summer months from May till October. Now you can have a luxury yacht spa with anti aging treatments for the face and body, body contouring and luxury gold treatments for the face and body.

Sanja Markusic is one of the leading anti aging experts in coastal Croatia. She works with latest technology available to leading clinics in the United States and Europe. Sanja performs unique facial and body treatments with an instant glow and tightening of the face and smoothing the body, removing cellulite. The glow that lasts a vacation time. 


24K Gold Facial Treatment

Anti aging and glow

Instant glow againts the tanned skin. Anti aging properties of gold were known to Cleopatra.

24K Gold Body treatment

Anti cellulite and glow

Instant glow againts the tanned skin. Anti aging properties of gold were known to Cleopatra.

Cool Lift Anti Aging Facials

Instant tightening

Cryo and CO2 technology with anti aging cocktails for instant facial tightening. Combined with GOLD for superior summer GLOW that lasts a vacation time.

CoolBody Against Cellulite

Smooth Legs and Body

Cool Lift technology for smooth legs and buttocks, anti cellulite treatment that lasts a vacation. Combined with GOLD for superior summer GLOW.

Radiofrequency skin tightening

High tech treatments

Skin tightening treatments for face using multipolar radiofrequency RF on Venus Viva platform. Combines with 24K Gold treatments.



Treatments are performed on site by a leading aesthetican Sanja Markusic. For lasting results, 2 sets of treatments in the course of 4-7 days should be performed. One day spa or several day spa options available. 


Treatments are performed with latest technology: Cool Lift technology for face and body tightening and skin smooting combined with gold treatments for face and body loved by Hollywood stars. Also available ZO Skin Health by dr. Zein Obagi facials.


Reserve your treatment with Sanja this summer and experience the summer glow that will last you a vacation time and make you feel fully rejuvenated. 

Reservations required

Reservation should be made at least 2 weeks prior to departure (short term availability  is not guaranteed). 

Obligatory down payment. Accommodation required. 

Phone number

+385 99 35 66 777